URCap Sample : Ethernet/IP I/O Monitor URCap (included the feature of RTDE and XML-RPC Server by JAVA)

To all developer.

I have developped the urcap for monitoring I/O of Ehternet/IP.
I use the features of RTDE, XML-RPC and so on to developping this.

I want to make it better in operation.
So would you try to use this and send me your message or reply if you have the suggetions and improvements?




Hi Takaaki,

I like this and thought about this too. Is there a Version planned for e-Series or would you mind if i use your code and adapt it on a e-Series Toolbar for all GPIO Registers? I think this would help a lot in Debugging I/Os :+1:t2::slightly_smiling_face:


I am so glad that this feature is helpful for you.
It’s no problem to fork my repository and edit code.
If you adapt it on a e-series toolbar, would you please give me feekback on the edited code?

Please make this for the E-Series robot. I love Ethernet/IP for I/O but hate that I can’t monitor them.

To all.

I didn’t introduce the feature that bit of output can be turned on/off.
This urcap has the feature below.

I have verified this urcap running on e-series ursim.

But it needs to optimize allignment of swing components a little.
And I cannot verify on e-series real-robot because I don’t have e-series😅

I have a UR3e sitting 5 feet from me that I can test it on if you would like.

Thank you for your announcement.
Would you please do testing for running?

My apologies for not responding sooner. I looked at the Github page and didn’t’ see a Urcap file. Did I not look in the right location or do I need to compile it myself?



Hi, I uploaded the compiled urcap here.
Please download and try deploying this.

eipmonitor-1.0.zip (289.0 KB)


@fujikit this is working on our UR10e with V5.6 installed.

Have you been able to add an more functionality? I just used the compiled URCAP you linked above.

I think the biggest thing that would be helpful is to have access from the Swing Toolbar so you don’t have to go to the insulation tab to view the status.

Thanks for the good work so far!

I have been considering this feature adding into toolbar.
But I hope that this is implemented as default feature of Polyscope!!


To all,

I have implemented this monitor into the toolbar on e-series.
Please show the link below.

URCap Sample: Ethernet/IP monitor can be launched from toolbar - URCap Development - Universal Robots Forum (universal-robots.com)

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