Universal Robots+

Monitor for ethernet/IP and Profinet I/O

Values of digital IOs can be seen on polyscope.
I request the feature that values of Ethernet/IP and Profinet can be seen on IO tab for debugging.

Now I made urcap that get values(bits, integers, floats) of ethernet/ip and show them on installation node, control values by using RTDE…
But I hope that they are displayed on IO tab.


I second this, I believe there may be another feature request for this as well.

Definetly needed i implemented a hmi interface on plc side to solve this issue!

Thank you for your advice.

We have built some machines equiped with UR for our production floor and I sometimes fix the issues on our machines.

It maybe be needed to implement hmi object on plc, but I don’t want to increase numbers of display on the machine as far as possible.
So now I can show the values of ethernet I/O and control turning on/off on installation node with my urcap

I would also love to see this feature implemented. Every time we install a new system that uses EIP for IO control, my manager always asks why we can’t view the IO status through the teach pendant the way we can through the regular IO screen.

The figure below is my created urcap to see the values of general purpose registers.
This monitor is working on installation node.
The values be obtained by using RTDE and values(on/off) of output registers can be changed by touching.

I want this feature to work on I/O tab or another tab.