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Is there any way to stop program by Ethernet/IP?

I am using the e-series.

I’d like to stop the running or pausing program by Ethernet/IP.
However, in the API list obtained in below link I couldn’t find the function or input to do that.

Now I will do that by connecting the digital I/O each other and handling the digital output with Ethernet/IP.
Namely, using Ethernet/IP make the digital output ON and the digital output throw to the digital input assigned the function to stop program.

Is it possible?
Or is there any smarter or simpler way?

I know other way such as using Dashboard server can do it.
However, I hope to do it by using Ethernet/IP as possible.

Thank you in advance.


You can use GPI/O to start/pause/stop your program by using field bus.
Please see the following setting.


thank you for your rapid reply.
you mean, the stop program function can be assigned to “Bit input register”, right?

the sentence “The lower range (bool[0:64], int[0:23], float[0:23]) of the gp input and output registers is reserved for FieldBus/PLC interface usage” in the below site is the same meaning of what you taught me.
is it right?

Ethernet IP guide - 18712 - collaborative robots support (universal-robots.com)

Yes, that’s right.

Please try this and you can monitor on/off of GP I/Os by using the urcap sample below.

I appreciate your help so much.
I’ll try it.

Thanks a lot.

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