URCap Sample: Ethernet/IP monitor can be launched from toolbar


I recently updated the urcap sample for Ethernet/IP monitor.
It can be launched from the toolbar on e-Series.

I hope strongly that this is implemented as default feature of Polyscope!!

@fujikit Thanks for this update!
I asked this last time too, could you post a compiled version? I don’t have a way to compile it right now.

Please read the documents for compiling this.

Thanks for your work,i have been using your urcap to debugg with plc it helped me a lot. I’ve tested wiith a UR10e V5.11.0 and it works.

There is an old issue in v1.0 and v1.1

When it is configured a signal in the I/O setup in the upper range (bit [64-127], integer[24-47], double[24-47]) it gives and exception

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Hi, @alejandro1 .

Thank you for reporting the issues of my sample.
I will fix this issue and announce about this near in the future.

Hi, I have fixed the issue that you reported.

The urcap was updated to ver. 1.2.

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Wow so fast, thanks. Tested it is working perfectly

Where can i find the documentation for compiling and downloading this as a UR Cap?

1.Download project from github (first post)

2.Download starter Package Virtual Machine from UR web

3.Follow the instructions from tutorial


Can you post a compiled cap? I don’t have proper permissions on my laptop to add a VM

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Heads up I had to change a line in the POM for the starter package I am using.

I am using starter package SDK 1.10 and in the POM I changed the version dependency for com.ur.urcap to 1.9.0 from 1.13.0

Any chance someone can post the compiled URCap?
I also don’t have permissions to install a VM on my PC. For reference, we have a UR10e.

Hi, I wanted to know if this example also works for input tracking or does it only work with outputs? Because I wanted to connect it to a robot and I wanted to know if it reads inputs.

This sample can track both input and output data.

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profinetMonitorv1.2.zip (343.9 KB)
just posting compiled urcap for those who cant compile.


@fujikit HI, you’re project is really useful!
I would like to add a table with the 4 types of data (title and value for in and out), can you suggest me how can I do it?