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Is it possible to add a logo to a ProgramNode?

I did a quick search on this forum, and I read that there’s no way to add a logo on the same line as the title in a ProgramNode, however it is possible in a gripperContribution. This seems like a strange inconsistency, so I want to make sure I’m understanding correctly. To be clear, I’ll steal a screenshot from one of the posts I found:

I’d like to add a logo in this location in a ProgramNode. Is this possible?

I believe this is correct, a gripper driver’s GripperConfiguration has a setLogo() method for adding a logo to the UI.

A regular program node’s View class only has access to the JPanel below the title of the program node via the buildUI() method, meaning that the screen real estate to the right of the title is unavailable. I agree that a setLogo() method would make a good addition to the ProgramNodeView class, you can make a separate post in feature requests to highlight this request.


@sam.hilton is right here.
I’d also suggest making a separate feature request about this functionality, and linking it back to this topic.