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How to place an image on the same line as the title of a program node using Swing

I want to use SwingProgramNodeService to develop a program node with a screen layout like the sample "com.ur.urcap.examples.driver.gripper.simplegripper ".

However, I don’t know how to place the image as the figure below.

In the sample implementation, the logo image is defined by gripper/GripperContribution, but the logo image cannot be defined by program/GripperContribution which I can use.

The sample uses GripperContribution, but I chose SwingProgramNodeService because I need to implement the UI myself.

How to place an image on the same line as the title using SwingProgramNodeService?

Satoki Mizoguchi


The Point is the API lacks an interface for getting the initialized ContributionConfiguration for either a ProgramNode or Installation Node. Using the GripperContribution gets you the configuration because you need to override the configureContribution Method and get the configuration object passed by polyscope on runtime. So actually, the only way to change that is using a GripperContribution :confused: