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Program Node Icons

Is there a way to change custome URCAp program node icons to something more interesting?



I don’t believe its possible to change the icon of a URCap program node, here is the API for a TreeNode

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It is currently not possible to change the node icon in the program tree (API 1.7).

Gripper Drivers automatically get a nice “gripper” icon in the program tree. (API 1.8+)

Thank you for the reply. How does it know its a gripper? And any chance we will be able to add our own nice icon?

Grippers are identified by either implementing a GripperContribution or GripperConfigurable interface.

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@jbm However, I’ve noticed in PickIt URCap (I took it from here: https://docs.pickit3d.com/docs/pickit/en/2.3/robot-integrations/universal-robots/urcap_v1/index.html), there is an icon on the right side of the node icon. Do you know Jacob, how to achieve that? To my knowledge this line is taken from the ProgramNodeContribution.getTitle() which can only return String…