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Company logo aligned with title

Can someone help me to set the image for the logo aligned with the title (ref. in the img in attached “MyURCap”), without changing the title?
I am using swing.

Thank you in advance


Hi @falberti,

I’m afraid that this is not currently possible in swing. Since the panel that holds the title stretches across the whole of the top of the program window, and the view class only offers access to the panel below (this is the panel passed as an argument to buildUI()).

The only method we can use to access the top panel is the getTitle() method in the contributino, which can only return a string, elimination the possibility of adding a logo alongside the title in that top panel.

Frustratingly, the template gripper program nodes have a emthod to acomplish the exact functionality you’re looking for. And so there is an active feature requrest, which you are welcome to like, which requests this logo adding functionality.