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Getter for the user role

I would like to programmatically know what is the current user role of the robot. Knowing that will allow us to adjust our application to different users such hide controls to restricted users. I see this information available from an “external interface” such as the dashboard or the modbus server so external applications have access to this value. If it is also available in the URCap api, that would be nice.



Thanks for the feature request, @poproulx

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Can you elaborate on the use case?

The currently available UserRoles can be found here.
Only the user roles none and programmer allows access to the programming environment.
If the user role was anything but not set (none) or programmer the user would not be allowed access to the programming environment where the Installation nodes and Program node contributions are placed.

Here is the use case. We have a toolbar running on the teach pendant that controls some device connected in the controler. Some clients would like to disable those toolbars depending on the user role so in production mode, someone could not use the toolbar.