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Configurating a User Interface for the Teach Pendant

Hello, I am new here, currently working with an UR5.
I need to configurate or implement a gui for the teach pendant wich the user may input some variables and run a define script.

I am loking for something like this photo.

Can I accomplish this using URCaps SDK?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Just from what I can tell through these photos you 100% can accomplish it. You’ll most likely want to work with the installation screen of the UR.
Each operation will have a corresponding function, quantity and the toggle can both be functions for each operation. I would go with the function approach over lets say a global variable because it’s unchangeable by the operator. You’ll want to look at the function model api to accomplish this.
Then in your program tree you’ll just have to set it up to work along side all these functions.

Cool, and this can be done using URCpss sdk, or I should use some other way like a PLC or HMI ??

URCaps SDK. You can accomplish this with an PLC/HMI as well maybe by using I/O’s but a URCap will be great for this application.

Hey @cacorrea,

Do you want to implement a custom HMI in the “Run program” menu to make it available to the operators or do you want to make a custom functionality available to the programmer in the “Program robot”?

At the moment with the UR SDK you can only add new functionality in the “Program robot” menu, you cannot make a custom GUI for the operator.

Unfortunately we need to implement a GUI for the operator. Seems the best way to go is the HMI.

@david.fira-mladinesc Is this supported on the latest SDK yet? I am looking at doing a similar GUI (out of Run Program) to enable operators to adjust Robot positions and change recipes.

It seems that it is not implemented yet. We must wait and see.