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How do I choose tool digital output settings when using URCap External Control?

Hi. For my bachelor thesis I’ve created my own tool control board which reads signals from digital outputs pins from the tool socket and performs proper action based on states of these signals. Project works pretty well when I use teachpendant with Installation settings shown in image1.jpg

I want to use it under ROS, however when I am connecting to robot using URCap External Control its overriding my own settings(you can see"if URCap controls the interface, user defined options will be overridden" on top of the image)
from installation tab, and I dont know how to change it.
What I was already trying to do:
-use ur_msgs/SetIO Service, but as I see I can only change voltage there, not outputmode(npn->pnp)
-Save my installation settings in teachpendant as default one and then start program

TL;DR I want these settings:
Voltage: 24V
Digital output 0 mode: Sourcing(pnp)
Digital output 1 mode: Sourcing(pnp)
URCap sets its own settings, how to change its parameters or disable change(of settings chosen by me) when controlling UR3e by external control?

Greetings, and thanks for help in advance.

First thing: The installation should not be changed by the URCap. The external_control script overrides the tool communication and tool output voltage if desired. (The {{BEGIN_REPLACE}} block is replaced here. If this is not desired, the parameter use_tool_communication can be set to false (which should be the default). The other tool parameters can be set through the launch files, as well.

The digital output settings should not be touched by this and can currently not get set by the driver directly.

To sum it up: The settings from your installation will be active, if use_tool_communication is not enabled.

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Firstly, thank you very much for your help - it really helped me understand where should I look for a solution and now I know it’s not ROS/URCap related problem. Right now I discovered exactly where problem occurs, but because its no longer ROS related - I’ve made new topic in Technical Questions. Problem with tool digital outputs after turning on any program