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Communication with Dashboard Server out of the Toolbar

Hello Developers,
i am pretty new to the development of URCaps and i need your help :wink:

I already created an individual Toolbar with Java Swing. There are a few Buttons on the Toolbar with wich i want to control the Robot.
Control means: Load a Program, Start the Robot, Pause the Program, Stop the Program, Display the Status of the Robot,…

I already heared about the Dashboard Server (i code for e-Series). The comands are exacly what i need but i cant figue out how to communicate with the Dashboard Server out of the Toolbar.

Is there any Software Package or example Project with precoded functions for the communication with the Server?

Thank you for your Help!

A way would be to follow this article which gives an idea of how it works. To make a socket communication and send the command as stated in the article, a daemon would be recommended. For more information on daemon - read this. An example on how to program a daemon can be found in the samples MyDaemonSwing on github.
For the python part of the daemon, have a look at this post. :slight_smile:

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