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Error: no controller ur5

Hello Ing.

I have problems with a UR5. the error that comes out is NO CONTROLLER. and I can’t start the robot.
I have 3 urcaps installed. Robotiq Gripper, Camera and Force Sensor.
Attached photos of the error, also of the version of plolyscope, version of the cabinet.

I hope you can help me. I have stopped the robot for several months


I’m from Lima, Peru.

This is just generic message that lower level controller is either stopping, or can’t start for some reason.
Normally local tech support should be able to help you.
Software 3.4 is also quite old. Upgrade to at least 3.10 where improvement to diagnostic files were introduced, or preferably to 3.13 where feature was added to export diagnostics files to USB drive.

Worst case it’s also possible to refurbish robot with completely new operating system. Just remember to backup copy all programs to usb drive.

There is plenty of options, so robot can do work not stand unused :slight_smile:

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Reminder: update the URCaps to be compatible with the updated version of Polyscope.

Hello. Thank you very much for your prompt response. I’m from Lima, Peru. And technical support is very limited. That’s why I turned to the universal robots forum. The new software to reinstall it where I find it. On what page. Another query. In the software update it would not affect the hardware since the equipment is from 2017 I guess the hardware changed. Greetings. I await your prompt reply

Look in download section on Universal-Robots download center CB3.1
You’ll need to go through one major version at a time (3.5, 3.6, …), so there is some art involved in update. OS reflashing is quite advanced operation, so you may need some IT help anyway.

Software is backwards compatible, so it will work fine with robot from 2017.

I would like to restore it with a completely new operating system. what are the steps for restoration. and the new operating system is also on the UR page. I don’t want to update it for now. I hope you can help me. Thank you

I removed all the cables and put them back. and then I measured the output voltages of the source which is -257.0 mV. apparently the source is failing.

Unfortunately this is well beyond online help that I can provide.