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Problem starting UR5

Software version: 3.7
Robot generation: UR5

Hi! I was working developing a URCap that starts a daemon in the back ground, I started the daemon in the init function in the daemon Service, the daemon monitor the RT client interface, it was working well in the URSim, but I loaded to the robot teach pendant and now it freeze at booting in a random percent, I still can move the mouse, so something is wrong with my URCap obviously, but what I need help with now is with the robot controller.
How can I erase the damaged URCap??
Is there a way to reset the UR controller system??

Right I found the Img of the system


What would be the steps to reinstall it??

I’m downloading the file mean while if someone think in other solution please help

Hello @slvdr05,

Attached are the steps you’ll want to take. You can also reach out to you local distributor if you have additional questions.

How to_DuplicateUSBflashDrive_V2.pdf (614.0 KB)

Thanks a lot, I just solved by erasing the urcap by terminal and rebooting system, I figured out how to jaja, but I’ll save this for future references if I need it

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