Unable to load the URcap file

Hello, I am a PhD student and I would need support regarding a UR5.
I need to connect my UR5 with a PC having ros noetic and I am following the guide: GitHub - UniversalRobots/Universal_Robots_ROS_Driver: Universal Robots ROS driver supporting CB3 and e-Series.
I am having some troubles in installing the URCap (I’m following this guide here: Universal_Robots_ROS_Driver/install_urcap_cb3.md at master · UniversalRobots/Universal_Robots_ROS_Driver · GitHub)
In detail, after plugging the USB driver to the UR5 setup and restart it, there seems that the driver is not correctly loaded.
The following image represents what I have

Could you please help me?
Thank you very much!

Once you click on the “External Control” Entry, the information box below should show some information. Without that it is hard to tell what’s wrong.

Review your URCap version and details. URCaps are meant to be used with certain Polyscope versions. It might be that your UR Polyscope version is incompatible with this URCap version specifically.

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Hi Mauch,
thank you for answering to my question. Here the info that I get when i click on the external control icon.

Moreover, here the error that I have when I try to launch the robot

Hi, Thank you for answering me. Do you know how to check which Polyscope version I have?Sorry for the question but I’m very knew to UR5

If you boot your robot and enter the Setup it should show the robot version there.

The example shown above shows a robot running Polyscope 3.15.