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EASY: Method to Clean Up Filespace on Polyscope

A feature to clean up the old files leftover from deleting or saving .urp files.

What is it?
When a user deletes either *.urp or *.installation files the *.txt, *.script, and *.variables files are still present on the controller.

Another issue is that it appears as though Polyscope creates a new backup file every time you save a .urp file. The files have an extension of old1, old2, old3 etc. There can be hundreds of these files.

This feature would make it easier for users to keep the file space in Polyscope clean and manageable.

Why is it needed?
To clean up the old and unused files. In Polyscope there is no way to a) select multiple files at once to delete and b) view the date the file was modified.


In my opinion, polyscope does a terrible job of file management. Like @fuknrekd alluded to, anytime you move a URP or rename it, there are artifacts left behind that consume a large amount of space.

I also don’t understand the .old files since there doesn’t appear to be anyway to rollback a program. Are the old files there for the undo funciton?

UR needs to improve this because over time these artifacts consume a large amount of space. This can bite you during a UR Software Update if there is not enough room on the SD card to perform the update - resulting in hard fail. I had this happen to me.

But either way, this is not clean and if you are trying to maintain a remote backup of files this makes it difficult.

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Just bumping the thread. The UR file structure is a hot mess.

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Very well said @m.ricchino