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What are the ".old, .old1, .old2", files and can I delete them?


I have two questions, i did a backup in a CB3, and when i open the backup in a PC with windows i saw a few files with extension .old, .old1, .old2, and others this files have the same name that my project and that projects created before. I want to know what are those files for?, and can i delete those from the cobot?

Thanks for read.


I suppose they are old version of your file in case you wanted to go back. If you want to delete it, then open “Load program” dialog. Select “Show all files” instead of just urp files. There is a gear icon in top right corner which lets you delete and rename files.
I can not open Polyscope right now, so maybe I got something wrong, but I t is definitely possible.

The .oldx files can be opened in PolyScope just like a .urp file, as they have the same content.
They are auto-saved backup files of your original program with the same name and .urp extension.

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