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Cleanup after deletion of *.urp or *.installation files

When a user deletes either *.urp or *.installation files the *.txt, *.script, and *.variables files are still present on the controller. Should be fairly simple to do a better job cleaning up.


100% agree.

First time I set the filter to all files I almost crapped my pants from how much junk was in that folder.

That you can only select one file at a time to delete made the difference between manually cleaning up the folder and saying “screw it” and setting the filter back to .urp and ignoring the glaring mess.


:edit: I just did a count… I have less than 25 actual robot programs in the TP and OVER 400 files in the folder.

Absolute madness!

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I Totally agree having a ur5e and programming it to see what activities it can do within our workplace, creates a lot of redundant variables, in which we go through and manually delete the ones which isn’t being used, so then we don’t have to rename them due to a old variable from a different program still within the system

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I have two UR10e’s to tend CNC machines and I am constantly doing new parts which means new programs which means more mess in the folder. From the looks of the file names I would guess it creates new backup every time you hit save. I haven’t taken the time to test it but may at some point.

This is a real issue and needs to be addressed.

Filling up a hard drive with data is not good for performance nor health of the system.

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