File Type question

So does the robot only use the .urp file, and just creates the .script & .txt files for reference?

Generally, if I look at the files within the controller, for each program there is one each of .urp, , .script, & .txt, which all update whenever the program is saved.

Today I was looking at one of the robot’s files, and noticed that there was a setup.urp, which we use every time we set up a job (and it’s been working fine). No setup.script or setup.txt. Old backups include those files, so they obviously were deleted accidentally during a cleanup.

I had been assuming, based on what is in the .script file, that it is the file which gets compiled and run every time we run the program, and assumed that the .urp file had additional Polyscope info.

Is the .urp the complete compiled version, and that’s the only necessary file (excluding .installation & .variable files)

Just trying to understand how these all play together .

That’s weird that your setup.urp didn’t generate a .txt and a .script.

The .script of your .urp is what gets sent to the controller (unless you created it yourself).

The .urp is actually a .rar file containing a single file that has everything in a really gross XML format when you open it but it gives display cues to polyscope.

.script contains actual program that is sent to the controller, and .txt is just “ASCII art” representation of program tree.
Both are saved when valid program is saved in polyscope.

Likely they were removed and setup program was never modified and saved again.

urp is valid only together with matching installation, and optionally variables - this set fully defines program, no other files needed.

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I was aware that the .txt file was not used, but assumed that the .script file was necessary as it obviously has everything thrown into it - all the installation info, the variables, all the URCap functions, etc. It’s very handy for seeing what actual code Polyscope creates from standard node commands - maybe that’s its only purpose?

I had searched the entire unit’s file structure to see if the .script and .txt files were saved somewhere else, then I did a save on the .urp file and it generated the other 2 files.
The .script file is much larger - in this case 41KB vs 8KB for the .urp and 3KB for the .txt.

I’m assuming these files were either deleted when someone was reorganizing files (most likely), or somehow as part of the Polyscope upgrade we did a couple weeks ago (though no other programs were similarly affected).