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Configure MoveJ with Feature from api

Is there a reason that a MoveJ cannot be configured with a feature using the MoveJConfigBuilder from the api? Both the MoveL and MoveP config builders allow for this using the setFeature() method. Polyscope also allows users to set a feature for a MoveJ during normal robot programming. This would be nice functionality to have that is missing from the current api 1.6.0.


The permission to apply Features to MoveJ commands only exist in e-Series. This is not supported in CB3.
As the API works equally for both generations, this is not added to the API to provide consistency.

This is noted as a feature request.


Is this still the case a feature cannot be applied to a moveJ node for any API version?

Are there any plans for an update of the CB3 series, so that the feature selection is also possible with MoveJ commands? Or has the further development of the CB3 series already ended?