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createMoveJConfigBuilder.setFeature missing


on the eSeries robots it’s possible to create MoveJ Nodes with respect to any feature from the actual installation.
When creating a MoveJNode using a MoveJConfigBuilder it is not possible to use the .setFeature method. I think this should work in the same way it is already working with the MovePConfigBuilder

I need to create MoveJ Nodes using one of my installation features, which is working fine when just using PolyScope. My URCap will only be executed on eSeries robots, so there is no need to keep downward compability.

I’m using the latest API 1.8.0.

Is there any workaround for the moment? Will this feature be implemented soon?


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Hi Andreas,

You are correct. It seems like it is missing. I will request this internally!

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I believe this is the same use case as this one:


Thank you for the answers so far. The feature request linked by Jacob is already some months old. Any news on this topic?

It is accepted by our customer that backwards compatibilty to CB series will break if we include this.
We could get a real benefit in terms of usability for our customer.

Are there any news to this subject?

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