Change Orientation Type of Circle Move Nodes through API


as the title says we need a feature to change to Orientation Type of a Circle Move Node through the API.
setting the default value to “unconstrained” would be better too, because using the Orientation that the User teached within a Circle Move is much more common than using a fixed Orienation which sometimes leads to unpredictable movements of the Robot.

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without this feature we have to advise our customers to always change the orientation type to unconstrained because for most our testers it was confusing that the robot didn’t came out in the same orienation as it was teached through our URCap. So it’s pretty much the same disadvantage as always setting the “Robot Loops forever” to False. In my Opinion any additional and unnecessary user input pretty much ruins the UX of the URCap.

For now we’ve been using a custom circle move node to pypass this issue but as we’re heading to get a UR+ certification and therefore like to use the built-in move nodes as much as possible we still need this feature :slight_smile:

I’d like to second this request.

For our customers we duplicate nodes with slight offsets. The Circle node is now adviced not to be used.

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Also looking forward to this change. At least making the “unconstrained” as default would help a lot

As there is still no interface for doing so, as well as it is not possible to edit Blends, the best Solution is to just make your own Circle Move Node. The before mentioned UR+ certification was not as valuable as we expected, so giving our URCap our own Look and Feel is just fine.

Hi @m.birkholz and @marius.gheorghe,

The setting is still not implemented. Regarding the blend topic it is more about changing part of the configuration. We have noticed your request, but currently low on resources.


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I am also looking forward to this function.

To change the orientation type of a circle and move its nodes through an API, you’ll need to interact with a graphics library or framework that provides circle manipulation and node movement capabilities. The specific implementation details will depend on the library or framework you are using.