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Setup Unconstrained or Fixed Mode for CircleMoveNode


is there any option to select the Orientation Mode for a Circle Move through the URCap API?
i couldn’t find it in the Javadoc. :confused:

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This is correct, the CircleMove node is only supported as “template” (API 1.1) where it can be inserted as a blank (default) node, and not as a “configurable” node type, where it can later be configured (API 1.2).

thank you @jbm.

I’m using the newest API 1.3.0 -
I could build a Circle Move Node just Like though the PolyScope UI but it seems to miss the “unconstrained” or “fixed” option

it seems to me that there’s still no option to change that through the latest API 1.5.0 :frowning:

Still not possible to change the setting… Hopefully it gets added soon

Was checking this topic.
Any news on this?

That is cored in the feature request here: Change Orientation Type of Circle Move Nodes through API
But us still not implemented.

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