Circle move problem

Hi, I’m new with Universal robot and I’m having an issue programming a simple Circle. I’m usine two circle move to create a full circle. The problem is that the robot does not go thru the waypoint I set and that change the angle of my tool. It’s for welding application so the tool orientation/angle is important. On the screenshot you can see the waypoint I teached and you can see that the robot is not reaching this point.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Hi Pieral…

  1. the circle move have a teoretical max of 180deg so I always recommed using atleast 3 x CircleMove for a full circle, because then you dont need to be as precise.
  2. inside the “CircleMove” node you can change between fixed and unconstrained, for your case I think that an uncontrained circle move might fix your angle issues.

Best Regards Casper

Hi cg1,

it still not going to the right position. Is there an other possibility? The TCP is going to the good position without the right angle that I teached…

Best regards

I also encountered this error when I used MoveC in “Fixed” mode.

In “Fixed” mode, the orientation is determined by the starting point of the circle.
The first half of the circle, when the start point is set exactly, executes pretty much OK. Problems begin in the second half circle, where the starting point, through the blending radius, is not reached.