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Change blend radius with getPositionParameters() instead of just getPose()


I am actually struggling with a missing Interface of the API in FixedPositionDefinedWaypointNodeConfig. i think it is impossible to change the blend radius of a MoveJ WaypointNode without dropping the Waypoint Data. to Configure a Waypoint PositionParamters, motionparameters and blend are needed.

It would be helpful if there is either an interface to only adjust the blend or a getPositionParameters method in the FixedPositionDefinedWaypointNodeConfig Interface. Actually there is only a getPose() method, which is useless for a movej waypoint unless i implement inverse kinematics method in java.

Or did i miss sth. and this is possible?

Thank you -

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currently it is only possible to update the parameters of Move-Nodes, not Waypoint nodes.
The second point is also correct. Having the option to retrieve the joint data would be beneficial as well.

I added these two as a Feature Request.

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So the current work-around would be to delete and re-contribute the waypoint?


this Workaround is no Option because we have Customers using more than 500 Waypoints. Deleting and Inserting them again is a performance Nightmare. It is intended to change the blend of specific waypoints with a single action.

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