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Can't pause program using dashboard server

For some reason, I cannot pause my program using the dashboard server. I always get back “Failed to execute: pause”. I am sending my program via TCP/IP on port 30001.

Any help would be much appreciated.


:thinking: Dashboard server is running on 29999.

Sorry should of been more clear. I am sending the poses via port 30001 and using the dashboard server (port 29999) to pause.

Ok. If you don’t load the program in Polyscope, it will not to be able to pause. Anybody please correct me, if I’m mistaken.

Thanks for the information

The following two lines of code in the Polyscope will cause the robot to pause.

Use the assignment feature under structure to create the following.


Running these two lines will send the pause command (the scoket_send_line command takes care of the \n) to the dashboard server and pause the robot.

You can replace “pause” with any other dashboard command to execute it.