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Resume script file (Socket Communication with DashboardServer)

We are using socket communication with the DashboardServer. When we send the ur.script file to the UR it begins running the file as intended (we do this using the python package which creates a process which runs for the length of the script).
At this point I can go on the pendent and switch to local mode and use the Pause and Resume buttons down at the bottom to pause and resume the script.
When I programmatically send via socket communication “pause\n” that will place the UR in “Paused” mode which is awesome.
The problem I have is that I can not programmatically resume the script at this point.

I have tried many options (with no success):
“play \n”
“resume \n”
“un-pause \n”

Assuming you are on e-series the robot must be in remote mode to send the play command through the dashboard server. Have you put it back in remote mode? You can send pause and stop through the server while in local mode but not play.

Thank you very much for taking the time to reply to my issue MBush.
Yes, we keep the pendent in “Remote control” mode for the entirety of the programs lifecycle… But furthermore, I have not even looked into what commands I can still send while in local control, I just assume no commands can be sent while in local control mode.
When I send the “play \n” command to the dashboard server, it returns a reply of “Failed to execute”…After that happens, I can still go to the pendent and put it in local control and then resume the script and pause it and then resume it again just fine.