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Robotics_r1 script double defined error

I am trying to run the robotics_r1 script on the teach pendant but this error keeps popping up can anyone help to fix? Sorry i am quite inexperienced in coding


This error means that you have defined 2 finctions with the same name. I wondered if there was already a URScript method with the name cross_product but it doesn’t appear there is. You musty have therefore defined the function cross_product twice. Have a comb through your code and check to see you havent defined the function twice.

i opened the script on visual basic and searched for cross product

but i dont understand why there is an error for double defined

Have you got any other URCaps intalled that might be contributring script also? If not what happens if you rename the method?

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I am not so sure how to use the move function with respect to a plane

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