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URScript control of Onrobot RG2 Robot Gripper

Hi everyone,
Does anyone have some discovered resources, or maybe someone wrote a code to communicate with the Onrobot RG2 gripper for the UR robot in real-time using RTDE?

Hi @RobotNoob,

Your options are highly dependent if it is the first or second generation of the gripper. Maybe @asbjorn.oland, @marius.gheorghe or another OnRobot employee can assist you getting the information you need.

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It would be great if someone with the experience in OnRobot could help out.
The gripper: (https://onrobot.com/en/products/rg2-gripper) called RG2 Onrobot gripper, is a newly ordered one, so I assume its a 2nd generation version, though no information can be seen in the manual I have recieved.

I have used the console to run the program and then analyzed the obtained script, attached below:

I have tried using the Script command from the manual, to see if I can operate it in the low speeds (Not RTDE) but even that doesn’t seem to work.

After fixing the issue in slowly commanding the robot, I will try to do RTDE. Though any advice would be appriciated at this stage as well.
Would appriciate any help on this topic. @asbjorn.oland, @marius.gheorghe

Those functions are defined in the preamble by the OnRobot URCap. If you are going to use it from remote, you must copy those definitions.
If you make a small program on the robot, you can take a look at the generated URScript for the program.

I did copy those definitions and tried to use them, but they are not being run…
This is the problem I am having, and I think its been a problem for all the OnRobot users for a while now from what I have seen on a few different forums.
I was hoping it has been fixed

Did you found a solution ?
I have the same problem.

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Thats my solution