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Problem with polyscope 5.10


I have download the last version of the polyscope (5.10) and when i put the file in the robot, this message appear → There was a probleme unpacking the download file

Can you help me please this is important ?

Thanks for your help


Maybe it got corrupted. Try downloading it again.

i had the same problem. with 3 Robots today. I took another USB stick with the same urup-file , and it’s worked. I don’t know why, but now I have v5.10 on my robots.

Ok thank’s you for the answer, i have finally succeeded to do. Now i have the 5.10 but when i put the button on another message pop :


SafetyB : C274A1 : Control box fan error : Fan is not running

So i can’t put the robot on but I haven’t touched the wiring part since the old version so i don’t understand …

You have already see that or not ?

@tom.ronat Monitoring of the control box fan has been added in PolyScope 5.10. See release notes.

Try looking inside the control box when you start the robot to verify that the fan is spinning. If it isn’t you might have a cooling issue.

Effectively the fans on the left and right of the controller don’t rotate when i start the robot … I don’t know how to resolv that problem but many thanks for your help @alexander


There is a known problem with 5.10 and it has been temporarily removed from the download section on our web site. The issue is that IF there is any urcap installed the combination of the size of the urcap install files and the 5.10 update is using up all of the ram and SD card storage causing problems. The R&D team has developed a solution but needs time to do more testing so the 5.10 update will be re-released and put back on the web site as soon as this process is finished. Sorry about the frustration. You can use 5.9.1 in the meantime.

I am having problem to install 5.10, error 30 (file is read only). Can anyone share the link for 5.9? I cant find it the legacy download center.

The 5.10 update is available on the download section of the UR support site now.


Today I downloaded the latest revision of software 5.10.1 from the support site. The controller fan is not running. I get this error:


SafetyB : C274A1 : Control box fan error : Fan is not running

You will need to contact service to assist you with this: myUR

Your fan may not have been working previously but your previous software version was not monitoring the fan function.

I have the exact same problem when updating to Polyscope 5.10.1
i have tried re-downloading the update twice now on different USB’s and the update cannot be run.

this is the message I keep getting:

‘‘there was a problem unpacking the update file. /media/urmountpoint_5kule8/updatepolyscope/update-5.10.1-build10.6.310.urup’’


Are you doing urcap development? If you are it might be that the filesystem was already too full for this update. If you can’t get the update to work then you can contact service but my advice would be to backup your program files and then just re-image with a clean 5.10.1 image.

I just updated two UR10e’s and didn’t have any issues. There is a check in there that will tell you how much space you need and how much you have. I would assume if it has this info, it also has a function to throw up a notification if you don’t have enough room for the update. Programming 101 and all that.


i am co-worker of wr.vos98

what do you mean by this.

is it like:
backup all the programs and then delete every file on the cobot, then when v5.10.1 is updated reupload the backup to the cobot?
or did you mean somthing else?

we already strugle with a freezing cobot while executing the remote toolpath comand
link to problem
could it be that somting is taken up our RAM and is there a way to clear this?

thanks in advance,