Issue with UR10e Polyscope Update to Version 5.16.1

Situation: We are currently attempting to use the Schunk EGU/EGK URCap with our UR10e robot. The URCap required an update of the UR10e Polyscope software from version 5.9 to a version >= 5.14. We opted to update to the latest version, which is 5.16.1. Following the guidelines outlined in section 5.2.1 of the e-Series Service Manual (available here), we completed steps 1 through 12.

Problem: After completing the aforementioned steps, we encountered a black screen with no warnings, errors, or any other indicators. Therefore, we can’t proceed with step 13 which is:

When complete, go to the Initialize screen and press ON, if available joint firmware is going to update.

Despite this, we are able to ping the device via a terminal, indicating some level of connectivity. We also attempted to connect an external monitor via the mini DisplayPort, but received no signal.

Question: Given this situation, we have the following questions:

  1. How can we resolve this problem?
  2. Is it safe to remove the USB and restart the UR10e in order to resolve this problem?

Thank you for your assistance.

It sounds like something went wrong with the update and corrupted the PolyScope installation.
The Linux operating system is still running in the program since you can ping it.

The only way to proceed, as far as I can tell, is to install a new image on the SD card.
The image can be found here: Universal Robots - Robot Image - e-Series and UR20/UR30 - SW 5.16.1
A tutorial can be found here:

This forum post solved it: