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Pause-Prog Input not working in Remote Control Operational Mode

Using an E-Series robot with UR Software

I have a configurable input configured for the Pause Program action. When this input goes high while running a program in manual mode, the robot behaves as expected and pauses the program. However, if the robot is running the same program in Remote Control mode, the program does not pause when the Pause-Prog input goes high.

I’m seeing this issue as well when in Remote Mode only it’s the Start-Prog. I’ll check version of Polyscope I’m running when I get back on Monday but I know it’s 5.11 and robot was built last year.

Found this post Unexpected Behavior of Start-Prog

This might be a bug UR has to address, quick solve might be to restart controller. Not a good solution but I think it frees up resources again and it worked for me. Hope I don’t run into it again.

Could you follow up with more details? Possibly attach installation file.
How do you start program after switching to remote mode?

The program is started using the play command from a remote PC using the dashboard server client interface on port 29999. The forum does not allow me to attach the .installation file type

Maybe changing extension to urp or zip would work. Otherwise put it any file sharing service.