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Start Program Input E-Sereis

We have been using the CB3 robots for many years now and one of the items we include is a button box with e-stop, start, pause, free drive buttons so that they are easier to use for the operator, try to keep them away from the screen if possible. We recently switched to e-series and noticed that they behave differently. The pause, free drive buttons work as expected but the start button only works if we are in remote control mode. The issue we have is that the operator then loses the ability to use the move screen until they place it in local control. Is there a way to set the input to start the program in local control? We really aren’t controlling the robot remotely with that feature, rather providing a more convenient way to control the robot by the operator since the play, pause and stop buttons are so small on the screen. They are very hard to hit when you are wearing gloves and stuff as well which is common.

The other option is to be able to enable the move screen when in remote control, that would solve our issue as well.



i think one Option would be using a Daemon running on the UR Controller which is connected to the Dashboard Server and an external client which sends the start/pause commands to the daemon which are then forwarded to the dashboard server. We are using the real time interface to send urscript commands with our urcap in local control mode and it works fine, so i hope the same should apply for the Dashboard Server…

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