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Unexpected behavior of Start-Program input in PolyScope 3.7

HI all

I just update the Software version 3.7 in CB series recently.
I set digital input as follows and control by button switch
(1:Pause-program, 2: Start-program)
But the program have not response when digital input 2 is work.
I sure digital input 2 is lighting on teach pendant I/O page.
Anyone has same problem? or this is bug in version 3.7 ??


I have the same problem with 5.1 in E-series.
I hope they will fix this bug

Could you both elaborate what steps you are taking, and what you expect, vs. what is actually happening?

For example : when I bind the input 0 the fonction “start program”, I expect the robot to start the program when I press the button wired on the same input. What is happening is that the program won’t start. Same problem with the “stop program”, if the program is started with the play button, it won’t stop the program

I just tested it in a virtual machine, with the robot set to simulation.

With a program running, enabling the inputs does nothing, the program just continues to run.

The “Start program” option, isn’t starting the program either.


Seems to be an old bug, on it isn’t working either.

Hi, is this problem solved in the mean time, having this problem also in 3.7 version. Signal is shown ‘high’ but action ‘Start program’ is not executed

Hmm, you cannot set the inputs of the simulator.
And this feature does not apply in Simulation mode.

This feature should be used in the physical robot.

But, I used it on the physical robot with the same problem …

Is the robot in a state, where it can start the program directly?
I.e. that the robot is at the first position in the program (hence not requiring “auto move”), or where the first waypoint is variable or relative.

I expected that it works like the play button on the polyscope.
So, will start if not running and will ‘continue’ if ‘in pause’. In both states it does not react on the signal made ‘high’. In the UI it is shown that it is high however.

Robot was at correct position. So, while robot is running, first I send a ‘Pause program’ signal, and then a ‘Start Program’ whereas the robot position is not changed in between.

Found more details. Initial it works correct as expected.
But if you once push the ‘stop’ button, and then activate the ‘start-program’ via an input signal, it gives the java error as below and after that the start-program via input signal will not work anymore until you restart the robot.

Thank you for reporting
Bug will be fixed in 3.8/5.2.

OK, thanks. Planning availability ?

PolyScope 3.8/5.2 is planned for release in December.

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