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'Start Program' input not playing program after Dashboard pause


Running a UR10 e-series, fully up to date software.

I am sending a signal via socket communication in the robot program to pause the program. The robot is in remote control mode, and I have a ‘start’ push button which is assigned ‘Start Program’.

The start push button functions as expected in all other scenarios except when trying to start the program after a ‘pause’ command is sent via the dashboard server. The program does not start - it remains paused.

I would have expected the ‘start program’ action to play the program, but it only seems to do so if the program is stopped and not paused. I can’t find anything on the forums or in documentation as to why this would not play the program, so I believe it is a bug.

Am I missing something?


On further inspection - my ‘start’ push button input is actually mapped to ‘Auto-Play & Init’, as I am using it to initialize the robot arm.

So perhaps I should recategorize this as a feature request? That this type of signal ‘Auto-Play & init’ should also play the program if it is pressed when the program is paused? Because it already plays the program if it is in a stopped state.