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Manual Mode LineMove


is there a way to manually move the Robot in a LineMove when im Moving to a teached Point?


I’m not sure if I correctly understand your question, so here are 2 answers:

  1. If you already have a waypoint, then make it part of MoveL command, and use “Move here” function - robot will move on linear path from current position to waypoint pose
  2. If you’re teaching waypoint, then freedrive with “Constrained axes” can be used on eSeries robots. Just lock all axes except one that you need.

I don’t think that’s an accurate statement.

I don’t remember ever being able to use a Move Here and have it do a linear move. They’re always radial. I just tested it on an existing program with MoveL and MoveJ waypoints. Using Move Here on both MoveL and MoveJ waypoints moved the arm in a radial move. Not linear.