MoveL to a waypoint defined by Joint Angles

Hi, we have an externally calculated pose from which we know cartesian x,y,z,rx,ry,rz and joint angles and we would like the robot to move linear to that pose, but using the configuration that we calculated, so using the same joint angles.

  • I’ve seen that there is the option to use joint angles when using MoveJ, but we would like to move linear.
  • There also is a option to use the URScript command movel([j1,j2,…]) and define the pose via join angles, but the angles are simply converted into cartesian coordinates using the forward kinematics and then the robot moves there. This can result in different joint angles than specified, so it’s not what we want.

Is there any way to move linear to a pose with specified joint angles?
Any help would be appreciated!

Is it really not possible to move linear to a fully defined pose (with given joint angles)?