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Manual job in linear space (MoveL) move between two waypoints

We can manually move between Waypoint A and Waypoint B through polyscope by selecting each waypoint and selecting Command->Move Robot Here. But when I do that the path it follows is “MoveJ”'s path. Is there a way to make it follow MOVEL’s path by doing this manually? The only way I can do this is by running it as a program.

You can use the step into Button, the button to the right of the play button. This will advance the program one step at a time. This only works for taught waypoints, not variable waypoints.

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That worked! Thanks for the tip!

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This was fixed in Polyscope 5.9, now the Move Here button will use the same move type as the parent move node.

Fixed “Move here” button on waypoints, so the automove will now use the same move-type as the move node the waypoint is under (if possible).