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Move Robot into position L-move

Auto Move is move J, could a auto move-L be added?
(picture from google, red arrow isn’t what i talk about)

Could a “auto” move with a move-L to the desired position / start position be added?

Why is it needed?
When welding ,I only use move-P, the cobot is close to the product, when I stop the cobot, I want to adjust variables, restart the cobot, press the auto button, the cobot wil go with the TCP trough the product or table. The manual function is still not sufficiënt cause it is time consuming.

I still need to do a move-J move to get the cobot to the start of the proces. i understand the the pro’s of a Move-J and i would use it like 60% of the time but the move-L move could simplyfy resetting the cobot a lot. And also prevent colisions a lot!

Hi @Corne,

This feature is already implemented to an extent. When jogging to a waypoint, the robot will move to the waypoint with the motion type of its parent move node. e.g. if the waypoint is underneath a MoveL() then the robot will be jogged to the waypoint in a linear motion, rather than with a joint move, it is just not selectable from the automove screen. This feature has not alwasy been part of polyscope, though it has been implemented for a number of updates now, so if you are running an old version of polyscope I suggest updating to the current version and you will find this is already implemented.

Hope this helps.

Hi Sam,

Thanks for your quick reply. The cobot came recently back from the UR factory and has now the latest update.
I hadn’t noticed it since then but i looked it up today and it works perfectly like you said. Still think an select auto move will help but for now i am satisfied with the results and will use it a lott.


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