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Change default move while editing

I’m doing some basic moves using the movel command. For example, I have to move my tool (dispensing needle in this case) up and over a component, then down again. When I am programming it, the default mode when I move to a waypoint is movej, even though the waypoint is within the movel command. This means while I am programming and move to a certain spot, the joint move causes my tool to crash into components. Is there any way to change the move while editing the program to be a linear move instead of a joint move?

What version of polyscope are you running? If I understand your issue correctly, I think they fixed this in 5.9.

“Fixed “Move here” button on waypoints, so the automove will now use the same move-type as the move node the waypoint is under (if possible).”

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I guess I should have specified that in the original post. We’re using 3.13 for the CB series. The release notes for 3.14 don’t specify if the fixed it, but I’ll give it a go and see what happens.

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