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[IMPLEMENTED] "Automove" Function

It would be cool to be able to use the “Automove” (Move here button) window like the “getUserDefinedRobotPosition()”. To set the robot back on position with a comand.

Thanks in advanced

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Thanks for the feature request,
Can you elaborate on the user scenario?
E.g. whether you would be in possession of a Pose, JointPosition or both, when performing this “Automove”.

We are currently produce a machine that will be used to grease various prototypes. So my costumer need functions to make lines and circles of grease. So I’d like to setup a form to select an start or an center point for this greasing procedure. Thus i need also a function to move the robot back on the reached position. To reassure the position.

It would be awesome to have both of course. But for my application I just need it for pose positions.

Thank you very much

i bypassed this missing node by creating a URCap using the ClientSendScript Class. Just send a move command with saved pose settings to Secondary Interface by triggering a Button with InputEvent.EventType.ON_PRESSED. Use InputEvent.EventType.ON_RELEASED to stop the Robot by sending a stop command.

It would be cool to use the “Automove” indeed.

It would be awesome to allow the user to move to a variable position defined by him in the installation window, in order to prove that this position is reachable.

For my application, just pose position is fine.

Thanks for your effort!

This feature is now possible since the release of PolyScope 3.8 / 5.2 and SDK 1.5.0.