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Utilize native Move tab in my URCap


I was wondering if there was some kind of API for URCap developers to utilize the native Move tab to get a pose from the user.

For example, in the native move -> waypoint node there is a button that says ‘Change this Waypoint’. When the user selects it, the UI goes to the Move tab with all the other tabs disabled. I assume that a pose value is then returned to the waypoint program node and stored.

I would like to be able to prompt the user enter a pose in this same way.

Hi, this functionality was added in v3.5:

From https://www.universal-robots.com/how-tos-and-faqs/faq/ur-faq/release-note-software-version-35xx/ :

“Support for getting a robot position defined by the user through the ‘Move’ tab. The resulting pose and corresponding joint positions/angles (a joint configuration) is returned to the URCap. See new API interfaces ‘UserInteraction’ and ‘RobotPositionCallback’ located in the ‘UserInteraction’ domain Java package.”