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Create Installation Node with MoveL buttons

Hi there!

I want to create a URCap that, from the Installation window, get the actual pose and move the robot to another position with an offset. When pressing a button, the robot will move to the next position with a offset defined by the user.

Is it possible to do that? I don’t find the way to create a move in Java…

Thanks for your time!

Maybe the get RT Data Sample can help you. I changed the script to move from current Position an Offset in Z.

Thank you, I’m gonna check it!

I checked the get RT Data Sample, but I didn’t find how to create a button with “Move here” using MoveJ or MoveL…

I would like to create a button like “Mover aquí” (Move here in Spanish). One button for MoveL and one for MoveJ. Is it possible?

Thanks for your help and time. I really appreciate that.

It is currently not supported to create a “user interaction”, that navigates the user to the “Auto Move” screen, and allows the user to use Auto or Manual to reach a certain target position.
There is a feature request for this functionality. And I would suggest supporting this feature with your use-case.

A workaround could include the Send Script with button URCap sample, that could implement this behavior. However without the ability to use “auto or manual” screen.