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How to backup the .urcontrol folder

Today I met a problem.I can’t use my ur-5.I press the switch and the system will automatically shut down after a while.So I think the system disk is broken.So I use the robot image software to make a new system disk.
So how do I get these files out of the picture especially ‘.urcontrol’.I want the DH parameters of the robot, which is important to me.
How can I get the ‘.urcontrol’ and Write this into the new system disk?
Thank you.

If your UR robot is connected to the local network with Ethernet you can mount remote directory on your local computer with sshfs command (you run this command on local computer):
for example:
sshfs root@ ~/remoteURDir

It works great on Linux. Then it is easy to upload/download files from UR.

Default password for root is: easybot

@wxu check this out… we’re releasing some of our cloud capabilities to the community. No cost backups with no extra hardware required.