Get the UR-Script of a Program on the Pendant via a Network connection

I have a large amount of robot Programs on the Pendant.
I would like to get them onto my computer as a UR-script file.

Is it possible to do this programmatically with a Network interface? Basically sending the entire script to the PC after being prompted (for example via TCP/IP).
Is it necessary to access the robot via SSH for this or can this be done on a different interface?

The use-case is this:
I have multiple UR-Robots that all execute the same program. I only make changes to the program on one robot. Currently, the programs are transferred manually to the other robots. This is prone to errors and labor intensive.
How do I automate this most effectively?

Thank you in advance

SSH (via SFTP) is indeed the only native way to access files remotely.
I already had this use case, that’s why I participated to the development of this library. In C# or Python, you can imagine to develop a small tool to declare your robots and automate the various program transfers.