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How can a PC import URP file from the touch pendant?


I’m inquiring about one thing.

I’m going to remotely back up the URP file I worked on the touch pendant to my PC.

I wonder what kind of method there is.

I´m thankful for any support.
Thank you!

Greetings from Korea.

Haven’t looked into automating it, but you can always connect the the robot by SFTP on port 22 using the default user name “root” and password “easybot.” The programs will be in the /programs/ directory.

Continuing what somebody else has already said, connect to the robot through ssh protocol and go to the /programs/ directory. From your PC terminal you should be able to run:
scp root@YOUR_ROBOT_IP_HERE:/programs/myprogram.* ~/BACK_UP_DIRECTORY/

Thanks terryc.

It helped me a lot.

Have a good day!

Thank you for the additional information. cgs.

Have a good day!