Cloud Backup and Restore

Hello community,

Today we are releasing a few tools to help manage and support your cobot. This initial release provides free, automated cloud backups of your programs, logs, and support files allowing you to access them from a mobile application. As changes are made to the files on the cobot, new versions are syncing securely to the cloud and stored securely so they are only accessible to you. From our mobile app, which is available on iOS and Android, you can view all of your files, the versions of each file, generate secure links to files that auto-expire, and restore any file version back to the cobot. All of this happens in real-time. Another important feature is that all of this is done without the need for an external box communicating with the cobot. You only need to install the URCap, configure networking, and then use the Hirebotics app to register your cobot. The initial capabilities for backup and sync will be free and remain free. We will continue to add more advanced capabilities and would love to get input and feedback from the community on what would be most valuable. To see a short demo check out the video below and if you are interested email us at to get an invite.





For those that would like more information you can check out this new blog post that gives a more in-depth overview → Hirebotics Cloud Sync for Universal Robots