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Get Speed slider value

Hi, Everyone.

Can I get this speed slider value through API?


The only way we have found to get this value is from RTDE via either a separate server that can be queried with RPC calls or with a PLC connection where the PLC is taking the register value and putting it back into a register we can read from the program.

Thank you for your reply. Could you please explain in detailed?

If you were to create a server that connected to RTDE you could listen for the robot output of target_speed_fraction and that is the current setting of the speed slider. You could then provide an xmlrpc server for returning this value back to the robot so that it can manage the speed slider, we do this on robots that are not connected to PLC’s.

If you are using a PLC you can access the same information in the data that is coming from the robot in either Profinet or EthernetIP. You would then transfer this data from the PLC back to the robot by writing the value to a register on the robot that the robot could then access.

You can also use both RTDE or Profinet/EthernetIP to actually control the speed slider by using the input of speed_slider_fraction(RTDE) and setting the mask value to 1 in field speed_slider_mask

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