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Speed slider thru Modbus and Dashboard


Read/Write Acces to the speed slider thru Modbus server or/and Dashboard

Why is it needed?

Would be easier to have acces to the speed slider thru these communications instead only RTDE, EthernetIP and Profinet that are the only option for this at the time.

You can access the slider through a socket connection to port 30003. Here is an example of a script function we use to set the speed slider programmatically within a robot program. You could also send this from an external source, PLC or PC, if you open a client to the server similar to sending a command to the dashboard server.

def runSlow(speed):
  socket_send_string("set speed")

What are the units of speed? m/s or a percentage, like 30 for 30% speed?

Yes is a percent. You read/write a real number between .01 and 1.00 with two decimal.

It’s a percentage represented as float between 0 and 1.


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