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Change speed slider through Profinet with PLC

Hello there,

i have a problem and would be thankful if you could help me. I have connected UR10e with a PLC from Phönix Contact through Profinet. I would like to change the speed slider to 100% by sending this value from PLC to UR. I have set SSM so that the speed slider value can be changed.

The problem is that i get really big values when i send 100% in bits in 8_O2T Module.
Here I inverted the decimal number into float. I first tried to send 0.1 and then 100, but none of them give me the value i want but some other big value.

I would really appreciate it, if someone would send me an example of how to set the bits for example for 100% or tell me if i am doing something somewhere else wrong.

Thank you in advance!

This is how we are doing it in a system where two robots need to have their speed sliders matched so they are always running at the same speeds, coordinated motion between them. This is a Siemens PLC in Siemens TIA software. Instead of triggering individual bits we are just moving the value from one robot to the other.

ID22 is the incoming UR 1 T2O Speed Slider Fraction and we are moving it to to the other robot UR 8 O2T Speed Slider Fraction QD330

Maybe you need to switch your byte order in the PLC?



I’m no Profinet expert, but from what I can tell is that you’re looking at a BINARY value in your PLC system while the robot expects a FLOATING POINT value. If this checks out, then it’s a byte ordering thing, like @mbush pointed out…